Troubleshooting Guide: Huawei ALE-L21 WiFi Connectivity Issues on Android

Are you facing connectivity issues with your Huawei(stock ROMs) ALE-L21 device’s WiFi? If yes, then this troubleshooting guide is just what you need to fix the issue.

Step 1: Check for Basic Issues

The first step in fixing the WiFi connectivity issue is to check for basic issues. Make sure that the WiFi router or access point is switched on and working properly. Also, check if other devices are connected to the same WiFi network and experiencing a similar issue.

Step 2: Restart Your Device

If the basic issues are not the problem, try restarting your Huawei ALE-L21 device. This can help in resolving some common problems that may be causing the WiFi connectivity issue.

Step 3: Forget WiFi Network

Another solution could be forgetting the WiFi network on your Huawei ALE-L21 device and reconnecting it again. This requires going to Settings > WiFi > Long press on the desired network > Forget network. After forgetting the network, search for available networks and connect to the desired one again.

Step 4: Reset Network Settings

If the above steps do not work, resetting network settings could be a solution. This will reset all network settings, including WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset > Reset settings. After resetting the network settings, try connecting to the WiFi network again.

Step 5: Check for Software Update

If none of the above solutions work, check for software updates on your device. Huawei releases regular software updates that include fixes for bugs and improvements in performance. To check for updates, go to Settings > System > Software Update > Check for update. Install any available updates and check if the WiFi connectivity issue is resolved.


Huawei ALE-L21 WiFi connectivity issues can be frustrating, but with the above troubleshooting guide, you can easily fix the problem. Start with the basic steps and gradually move to more advanced solutions until the issue is resolved. If none of these steps work, it may be time to take your device to a professional for further assistance.

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